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www.widowsfire.com New podcast: Widows and Widowers of all ages should feel completely comfortable and unashamed or awkward to admit that they think about sex, miss sex and want sex, all within their grieving. Widow’s Fire in the urban dictionary is defined as: The burning desire for sex following bereavement of a spouse or partner. Let’s talk about sex, intimacy & dating after loss.

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Monday Jul 06, 2020

Leanna (now 34) is my widow buddy.  She lost Luke (then 34) in April 2019 to an accident abroad when their son, Cohen, was two.  She opens up about her body, sex life with Luke, brief fling with a delivery guy who knocked on her door (we call him "C"), and her first relationship with a fellow "Wid". This episode is a lot like grief... not planned, not linear, fuzzy noise in the background, involves drinking... but also involves laughing.  

Welcome to Widow's Fire

Monday Jul 06, 2020

Monday Jul 06, 2020

A quick welcome to the Widow's Fire World!  Find out where this came from and what it's all about.  If you're here because you've been widowed, get ready to RELATE to thoughts that we all think and should be able to share with each other and others who are... curious :) Enjoy!

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